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Rossignol Ski Boots 19.5

Rossignol r18 youth ski boots are size 1. 5 and perfect for a quick and easy weekend ski getaway. The boots are mondo's own ski length product and feature an advanced new technology that helps keep your feet warm and dry when you're out in the cold. These boots are the perfect choice for any skier looking for performance and convenience.

Rossignol R18 Kids Ski Boots - Size 1.5 / Mondo 19.5 Used

Top Rossignol Ski Boots 19.5 Sale

These rossignol 19. 5 ski boots are the perfect choice for your child. With their crusadeol insulation technology, they will stay warm and comfortable throughout the winter. The mondo 19. 5 design offers a tough and durable finish.
rossignol 19. They're comfortable andcontents:
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the rossignol 19. 5 ski boots are a great pair of boots for your skijian. They are a little larger than what you would want to wear on a hill, but they will do the job and are not too hot or too cold. They are made with a layer of insulation on the bottom of the boot, which helps keep your feet warm and dry.